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Summary Chapter 30

Huck is warmly welcomed when he returns to the Welshman’s house the next morning—which is the neighbor he had run to for help. He is curious about what happened the other night. He is unnerved about the kind welcome, for he isn’t used to it.

The Welshman, Mr. Jones, had tracked the men down with his sons. An inopportune sneeze gave away his position. Though they fired their guns at the men, the others escaped. Afterwards, they got the constable. The constable is conducting a search.

Mr. Jones asks Huck if he can describe them. Huck says yes and does so. Mr. Jones recognizes them as two men seen near the widow’s estate before.

The Welshman sends his sons off to update the sheriff. Huck doesn’t want to be given credit for revealing their plot, for he is too afraid of Injun Joe.
The Welshman asks how Huck came to follow the men. Huck doesn’t reveal the real reason, saying instead that he was curious about them when he saw them one night he couldn't sleep. He accidentally reveals that the Spaniard is not deaf and mute. He finally is forced to spill out that the Spaniard is Injun Joe.

Huck is relieved the men were not transporting the treasure on the night they were discovered.

The Widow Douglas is grateful to the Welshman and his sons preventing the attack. He hadn’t woken her when it happened, but he had his men keep watch the rest of the night.

At church, Mrs. Thatcher discovers that Becky isn’t with Mrs. Harper. Aunt Polly is distressed to learn that Tom isn’t with either woman. Everyone becomes alarmed to discover that Tom and Becky are missing, and nobody remembers seeing them come home from the picnic. A search party is underway.

Huck falls ill with a fever. The Widow Douglas nurses him.

The caves are searched. They see an inscription where Tom and Becky had inscribed their names. Mrs. Thatcher believes her daughter is dead.

The owner of the Temperance Tavern is closed down for having liquor.

Three days go by, and they children are not found.

Mark Twain