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Summary Chapter 8

Tom is in a melancholy mood after the fight with Becky. He doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He wishes he could die temporarily to make the girl sorry. Then he considers running away and decides to do so the next day. He plans to become a pirate.

Tom discovers one of his charms has failed. He blames it on the witch. He tries another, but this charm also fails. Tom is certain it is due to a witch, not believing that these charms—which everyone swears by—are nothing but superstitious nonsense.

Joe Harper comes along. They play Robin Hood. Joe wants to kill Tm, but Tom is Robin Hood…who doesn’t die in the story. Tom diplomatically suggests that they play other characters so that Joe can get the opportunity to kill Tom.

Both boys regret that society has gotten rid of outlaws like Robin Hood.

Mark Twain