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Summary Chapter 20

Tom returns to school. He tries to make up with Becky. She tells him she is never going to speak to him again. They insult each other, and she looks forward to his whipping.

The schoolmaster, who had wanted to become a doctor but couldn’t afford the schooling, studies a medical book every day. He keeps it locked up, and all the children are curious about it. Becky manages to sneak a peek at it. Tom catches her, and she accidentally rips a page. She is upset because she knows that Tom is going to tell on her, and she is going to be whipped. She has never been whipped.

Tom thinks Becky is being silly about getting upset over a whipping. Tom doesn’t have to tattle on her. Girls’ faces always betray them.

Tom doesn’t enjoy watching Becky sweat as much as he expected he would. He gets whipped for the spelling book, and Becky finds she doesn’t enjoy that as much either. His denial that he didn't ruin it makes it worse for him.

Mr. Dobbins, the school master, discovers the ripped page. He starts questioning the students individually. When the school master reaches Becky, Tom shouts out that he did it. Becky is grateful, which makes the punishment bearable. It is the worst shipping Dobbins has ever given him, and he also gets two hours of detention after school.

Becky tells him what Alfred did, and Tom plans to revenge himself on him. She also told him how noble he was, and that makes it all worth it.

Mark Twain