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Summary Chapter 28

Tom and Huck watch the tavern for any sign of the Spaniard.

Three days later, the night is pitch black. Tom decides to try the door. Huck begins to worry when Tom goes missing for a while. Tom suddenly runs by him, screaming for him to run for it. They make their way to the slaughterhouse.

A storm breaks out. Tom tells Huck the keys made a racket and didn’t work anyway, but it turns out the door wasn’t locked. He entered and almost stepped on Injun Joe, who was passed out. He didn’t see the box. All he saw were lots of barrels and bottles of whiskey.

Huck suggests going after the box, but Tom doesn’t believe it is safe enough. He wants to keep watch. Injun Joe has to leave sometime. Then they can snatch the box while he is gone.

They decide to keep watch in shifts.

Mark Twain