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Summary Chapter 25

Tom decides to look for treasure. Other boys are too busy, but Huck is always available. Tom tells Huck how it all works. Robbers bury treasure and believe they will come back for it. They usually forget the location or die before they do. There is usually a map that needs to be deciphered.

Tom doesn’t have a map, but he knows common locations where treasures are buried. It may take the whole summer to search all the places, but it will be worth it if they discover treasure.

They decide on a location to start first. Tom asks what Huck would do with the treasure. Huck is one to spend it for pleasure. He wouldn’t save any of it, for his father would just take it and spend it.

Tom has several things he’d like to buy, and he wants to get married. Huck thinks getting married is stupid. All he remembers of his parents were of them fighting all the time. Tom doesn’t intend to fight. The girl he likes wouldn’t. Huck believes they all fight. He asks what the girl’s name is, but Tom won’t tell him now. He assures Huck he wouldn’t be lonely, for Tom would have Huck come live with them.

They dig several places and find nothing. Tom proposes searching on the widow’s land. Huck believes she’d take it away if they found it, but Toms says that treasure belongs to whoever finds it.

When they still don’t find anything, Tom blames it on witches. Huck says witches have no power during the day. Tom then remembers that you have to watch for the shadow of a limb at midnight to discover the location of buried treasure. They agree to meet later that night. They need to do it now, for people will notice the dug up holes and know they are looking for treasure.

They come back later that night. They find the shadow and dig. They only find a stone.

Huck wants to give it up. He is getting creeped out coming out at a time when spirits and witches are out. He particularly doesn’t want to do it when Tom reveals that a corpse is usually buried with the treasure.

Tom suggest going to the haunted house during the day so not to be bothered by ghosts while they treasure hunt. They walk home after staring at the haunted house.

Mark Twain