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Summary Chapter 16

The boys gather turtle eggs for a meal.

They strip until they are nude and run into the water. They amuse themselves a variety of ways. Tom loses a charm of his and goes looking for it.

Tom thinks about Becky and is angry at himself for missing her.

The boys feel homesick again. Tom tries to cheer them up by proposing that pirates left treasure on the island. Joe finally admits he wants to go home. Tom calls him a baby. Joe gets ready to swim to shore. Huck also admits he wants to return. He gets up to join Joe. Tom is stubborn, but when he sees the other boys leaving, he follows them. He tells them a secret and a plan, and they like it so much they come back.

Tom and Joe want to learn how to smoke. They don’t really like it, but they feel pride that they can handle it—unlike their friends who they imagine couldn’t. They expect the boys will envy them. Then they start vomiting and feel really sick. They lose their appetite.

Later, the evening grows more oppressive and a bad lightning storm develops. The tent gets blown away, and they seek shelter under a tree. Lightning strikes the tree they had made camp at, and had they not been forced to move earlier, they could have been killed.

The boys are drenched after the storm. The fire was preserved because it had burned deep down into the log. Everything is wet. They sleep on the sandbar and get sun burnt.

When homesickness creeps up, Tom reminds them of his plan. They pretend to be Indians for a while. Being enemies, they have to smoke the pipe of peace so they can eat together. This time they don’t get sick.

Mark Twain