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Summary Chapter 18

Tom had proposed the scheme of attending their own funerals.

Aunt Polly chides Tom for making her suffer an entire week. He could have left her a clue that he was alive. They assume the thought never occurred to him. Sid would have considered it. Aunt Polly tells Tom that one day he’ll regret the pain he has caused her.

Tom tells Aunt Polly that he loves her. He reveals the knowledge of the scene he had witnessed when he had come over the first night from the island. However, he claims it was a dream. It seems everyone but Sid believes it.

Aunt Polly gives Tom an apple. She tells Mrs. Harper about Tom’s dream.

Tom is famous and tries to act dignified. Young boys follow him. Older boys envy him. Tom and Joe tell their tales to admiring schoolchildren and show off their ability to smoke.

Tom decides to ignore Becky. He has his glory, and it seems he is in a vengeful frame of mind. Becky tries to get his attention. He pretends not to notice. He starts paying attention to Amy again.

Becky announces she is going to have a picnic and will invite anyone who is her friend. Tom is too busy telling Amy about the storm on the island. Everyone asks to be invited except Tom, who walks away with Amy. Becky cries when she is able to be alone.

Tom flirts with Amy at recess. Becky, though, has started showing interest in Alfred Temple. Tom is jealous and regrets not making up with her. Becky pretends not to notice him but happily sees his reaction.

Meanwhile, Amy is getting on Tom’s nerves. He hates Alfred Temple, who happens to also be the boy he fought with some time ago. He vows to beat him up again.

He plays hooky at noon. Becky loses patience with Alfred when Tom is no longer around. Alfred realizes she only used him to get back at Tom. He spills ink on Tom’s spelling book. At first Becky, who witnesses this, is going to tell Tom…hoping he’ll make up with her. Then her hurt pride decides she’d rather see him get a whipping.

Mark Twain