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Summary Chapter 9

Tom waits impatiently in bed for 10 p.m. strike. He lays still with difficulty, for he doesn’t want to wake Sid. He listens to the ominous sounds of the night.

He falls asleep. He is awakened by a neighbor throwing a bottle at a cat that is meowing. However, the cat is actually Huck Finn, who is giving the prior agreed upon signal. Tom meows back and goes to join him.

They go to the graveyard. The solemn atmosphere oppresses their spirits. Tom wonders if the dead resent their intrusion. He wonders if the dead man whose grave they have come to can hear them. Huck is certain his spirit can.

The boys hear something and wish they hadn't come. They believe it is the demons they are expecting to appear at the dead man’s grave. However, the three figures they see are human. Huck recognizes one of them as Muff Potter. Tom recognizes another as Injun Joe. The men come to the grave, not seeing the hidden boys. Injun Joe and Potter start digging up the grave. A third man is Doctor Robinson, and he is overseeing their work. They unearth the body.

An argument erupts when Injun Joe and Potter demand more money. Doctor Robinson says he paid them already. Injun Joe, though, remembers when Doc Robinson refused to give him something to eat—and his father had Injun Joe arrested when he swore revenge. Now he means to have that revenge.

Doc Robinson knocks Injun Joe to the ground. He hits Potter in the head with the tombstone. Injun Joe stabs the doctor. Tom and Huck run away in fear.

Injun Joe puts the knife in the unconscious Potter’s hand. When he comes to, Injun Joe tells him he was the one that killed the doctor. Muff Potter is remorseful, blaming it on drink. He begs Injun Joe not to say anything, and the man agrees.

Potter runs off, forgetting his knife. Injun Joe departs soon after, leaving behind the corpses of the unearthed deceased and Doctor Robinson.

Mark Twain