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Summary Chapter 13

Tom decides he is going to be a criminal since he has failed to be a good boy. People didn’t love him, and so they essentially drove him into it. He leaves school.

Joe Harper joins him, believing his mother is tired of him since she punished him for something he didn’t even do. They search out and find Huck Finn, who is glad to join them. They agree on a rendezvous point.

Tom meets his friends later that night. They shove off on a raft. They make their way to an island. They make camp, full of glee. They believe a pirate’s life is for them. A pirate is much better than Joe’s idea of living like a hermit, who isn’t respected and lives a more uncomfortable life. Tom and Joe tell Huck about what pirates do.

Tom and Joe, though, later are pang by their consciences for stealing food and running way. They vow not to steal as pirates.

Mark Twain