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Summary Chapter 29

The Thatcher family returns to town. Tom goes to play with Becky. Becky has the picnic she promised. He hopes to find the treasure before then so he can impress everyone, but Huck doesn’t give the signal to indicate that Injun Joe has left the room.

Becky is to stay with Susy Harper since they will return from the picnic late. Tom proposes they visit the Widow Douglas instead. He assumes Huck will not signal him that night either.

The children explore a cave while on the picnic.

Later that night, Huck sees two men leave with a box in hand. He decides to follow them. He follows them to the Widow Douglas’ house. It turns out the “job” is at her house. Huck fears they plan to murder her. Injun Joe is bitter because her deceased husband had him horsewhipped. He died before Injun Joe could get revenge, so he plans to disfigure her instead. His friend is horrified. Injun Joe threatens to kill him and the woman if he doesn’t go through with it.

Right now, the Widow Douglas has company. They’ll wait until the visitors leave.

Huck retreats and runs to the next house to get help. The men arm themselves and go to the Widow’s estate. Huck runs away when he hears gun fire.

Mark Twain