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Summary Chapter 11

News about the murder spreads fast. The children are released from school. Muff Potter’s knife is recognized. Witnesses had seen Potter washing, which he is not in the habit of doing.

Tom follows the rest of the residents to the graveyard. They are all looking at the scene. Huck is there too, as well as Injun Joe. Muff Potter appears, and the sheriff takes him into custody. He is trembling and crying, but he denies doing it at first. They show him his knife, and he tells Injun Joe to go ahead and tell them what happened. Tom and Huck are shocked to hear Injun Joe pin the murder on Potter. They are convinced that Injun Joe is in league with the devil. They plan to watch him, hoping to catch a glimpse of his master.

Tom’s conscience begins to bug him. Aunt Polly notices that he is more restless when he sleeps. He is muttering about blood in his sleep. Aunt Polly assumes that the murder has upset him. Tom ties up his jaw on the pretence that he has a toothache to keep from talking in his sleep. Sid undoes it at night and listens to his mutterings. He does it up again.

The school children hold inquests over dead cats. Tom refuses to participate, which Sid finds unusual.

Tom tries to ease his conscience by bringing comforts to Potter in jail.

People want to run Injun Joe out of town, but they are too intimidated by him. He never mentions that they were grave robbing. He only focuses on the fight when he gives his testimony.

Mark Twain