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Summary Chapter 4

Mrs. Flintwinch has an unusually vivid dream. She dreams she wakes up and goes to search for her husband, who hasn’t come to bed. She finds him sitting in a little-used room. She is startled to find two Mr. Jeremiah Flinwinches, totally identical. One is sleeping and the other is awake watching him.

Jeremiah #1, who is awake, is about to attack the other when he awakes from his slumber. The two converse, not startled to see the other in the room. One of them has an iron box. He leaves with it.

Jeremiah comes upon her on the staircase. When they enter their bedroom, he seizes her by the throat and shakes her. He asks what she has been dreaming about. He tells her he found her walking in her sleep in the middle of a nightmare. If she does it again, he will have to give her a physic.

Charles Dickens