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Summary Chapter 50

Many people laugh when Mr. Sparkler is given a post at the Circumlocution Office. However, it wasn't doubted that Lord Decimus was strengthening his position by merging with the Merdles.

Mrs. Merdle spreads the news with pleasure. Whether her son liked it remained to be seen. Mr. Gowan thinks it is a great position for Mr. Sparkler.

Fanny is at a loss of whether to encourage Mr. Sparkler or to get rid of him.

The Dorrit family, Fanny believes, is deficient despite its wealth. It can’t totally erase the Marshalsea stain. She fears Mrs. General has designs to become Mrs. Dorrit.

Fanny contemplates that marrying Mr. Sparkler will be good for the family’s reputation and good for her. Amy tells her that she should marry for love. Her sister claims there is an absence of clever men that she could love. She does relish in the revenge she could inflict on Mrs. Merdle. Amy cautions about it leading to an unhappy life, but Fanny doesn’t think that she would be unhappy.

Fanny alternates between being cruel and being indulgent to the ever faithful Mr. Sparkler. Mrs. Merdle finds Fanny to be spoiled but beautiful.

Mr. Sparkler becomes very well trained, learning from Fanny’s cues when he can speak. He is not encouraged not to be provoked by Mr. Gowan. He begins to act more brotherly to Amy.

Fanny announces their engagement. Mr. Sparkler tells Amy he is glad to be acquainted with her and is at her disposal. Amy is upset, but Fanny is determined to follow this course.

Charles Dickens