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Summary Chapter 36

Mr. Dorrit complains about the delay in his release from the Marshalsea, but the day finally comes. He and Fanny are both rather rude to Mr. Rugg.

The Marshal offers his congratulations and use of rooms in his home. Mr. Dorrit writes a note refusing the offer, miffed that the man never congratulated him before—though there was no reason to before.

Mr. Dorrit’s brother doesn’t seem to realize their altered situations. He is given new clothes and his old ones are burned. Fanny and Tip have no problem flaunting their money.

Mr. Dorrit does pay his debts to people he borrowed money from.

The Collegians are not envious. They hope that one day their fortunes will reverse. They are only sad in being left behind. They give him a parting present, which he accepts graciously but will never display in his home.

The Dorrits hold a feast for the Collegians, though only Tip attends.

Everyone is present when the Dorrits finally take leave of the Marshalsea. Mr. Dorrit tells his brother he needs to remember how to act in his new position.

The people are a little shyer of the Dorrits now that they are free. The family is in the carriage before they realize Amy is not with them. Fanny is indignant that Amy is disgracing the family by coming out in her old dress and refusing to wear the new one. She is also angry that Clennam is carrying her out. Arthur replies that she fainted when she went to change her dress.

They drive away.

Charles Dickens