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Character Summary


ARTHUR CLENNAM: son of Mrs. Clennam who takes an interest in Little Dorrit

MR. WILLIAM DORRIT: a proud man who becomes the Father of the Marshalsea

JEREMIAH FLINTWINCH: servant and partner of Mrs. Clennam's

HENRY GOWAN: an untalented artist tied to the Barnacle family

MR. MEAGLES: a kindly retired banker

MR. MERDLE: a well-respected man whose wealthy, though nobody knows how

MR. PANCKS: a rent collector for Mr. Casby

RIGAUD (ALSO KNOWN AS LAGNIER AND LATER BLANDOIS): a former prisoner of Marseilles and a murderer

MRS. CLENNAM: Arthur's difficult mother

AMY DORRIT (KNOWN AS LITTLE DORRIT): the youngest child of Mr. Dorrit, born at the Marshalsea


FLORA FINCHING: Arthur's former love, daughter of Mr. Casby

MRS. AFFERY FLINTWINCH: Jeremiah's wife, who believes she is passing through life dreaming

MRS. MEAGLES: Mr. Meagles' wife

MINNIE MEAGLES (NICKNAMED PET AND LATER KNOWN AS MRS. GOWAN): The daughter of the Meagles and Henry Gowan's wife

MISS WADE: a sullen woman of mystery

MR. FREDERICK DORRIT: William's brother who is a musician and considered feeble-minded

DANIEL DOYCE: an inventor, friend of the Meagles, and partner to Arthur Clennam


CLARENCE BARNACLE: the son of Tite Barnacle who works at the Circumlocution Office

LORD DECIMUS BARNACLE: highly placed official of the Circumlocution Office

FERDINAND BARNACLE: private secretary of Lord Decimus, a good-natured fellow

TITE BARNACLE: a high official of the Circumlocution Office

BOB: turnkey of the Marshalsea Prison and godfather to Little Dorrit

CHRISTOPHER CASBY (KNOWN AS THE PATRIARCH): landlord of the Bleeding Heart Yard who has a reputation for benevolence

JOHN BAPTIST CAVALLETO: a fellow prisoner of Rigaud's at Marseilles

JOHN CHIVERY: a non-resident turnkey at the Marshalsea

YOUNG JOHN CHIVERY: John Chivery's son, later a turnkey, who loves Little Dorrit

EDWARD DORRIT (NICKNAMED TIP): the idle son of William Dorrit

JOHN EDWARD NANDY: a man that lives in a workhouse

MR. PLORNISH: one of Mr. Casby's tenants that helps Little Dorrit

MRS. PLORNISH: Mr. Plornish's wife, the daughter of Mr. Nandy

MR. RUGG: a lawyer and agent

MR. EDMUND SPARKLER: dim-witted son of Mrs. Merdle from her first marriage and husband to Fanny Dorrit

MRS. MERDLE: an admired woman of society who is fashionable and well bred

BAR: a lawyer friend of Mr. Merdle's

PHYSICIAN: a friend of Mr. Merdle's

BISHOP: a friend of Mr. Merdle's

TINKLER: Mr. Dorrit's valet, whom he distrusts

MRS. BANGHAM: a charwoman of the Marhsalsea who nurses Mrs. Dorrit

HARRIET BEADLE (CALLED TATTYCORAM): an orphan girl the Meagles adopted that is very passionate

MRS. CHIVERY: wife of John Chivery Sr. and owner of a tobacco shop

MR. F'S AUNT: a difficult old lady that Flora takes care of who is the aunt of her late husband

MRS. GENERAL: a widowed lady hired to coach the Dorrit girls into becoming ladies

MRS. GOWAN: Henry's mother

MAGGY: a retarded girl that Little Dorrit helps

ANASTATIA RUGG: daughter of Mr. Rugg

MRS. TICKIT: cook and housekeeper of the Meagles

Charles Dickens