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Summary Chapter 52

The married couple arrives at Harley Street. Mr. Merdle greets Mrs. Sparkler.

Mr. Dorrit is at a hotel, and Mr. Merdle visits him. Mr. Dorrit is gratified that he is taking time out of his busy schedule to visit him. Mr. Merdle compliments him on Fanny’s beauty. He offers his services and invites Mr. Dorrit to dine with him. Mr. Dorrit is glad that Mr. Merdle is willing to help him with business matters.

Mr. Merdle gives him a ride to the bank. Mr. Dorrit enjoys the attention he receives being connected to Mr. Merdle. Mr. Merdle’s other acquaintances wish to know him.

Mr. Dorrit does not like the Merdles’ butler. He fears the man knows his secret.

Charles Dickens