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Summary Chapter 48

Mr. Merdle’s name becomes more renowned, though not as a philanthropist. He had made himself extremely rich, and people respected him for that. Despite his wife’s absence, he still holds court regularly at his home.

Mr. Merdle invites several Barnacles to dine. Lord Decimus and Tite Barnacle are among the Barnacles that attend. Mr. Merdle is planning to do business with Lord Decimus.

Mrs. Merdle has been encouraging Mr. Merdle to provide for her son’s future. It is becoming a necessity.

Ferdinand Barnacle and Bar keep the conversation going at dinner.

Lord Decimus asks about Mr. Dorrit. Ferdinand Barnacle claims that he caused a lot of trouble for the Circumlocution Office. He had taken out a bond years ago that had never been made good on. The Circumlocution Office had some difficulty in getting the money on the receipt of it. Mr. Merdle claims his son is acquainted with one of the Dorrit daughters.

Mr. Merdle and Lord Decimus seem reluctant to get together and discuss business. Ferdinand Barnacle and Bar plot to get them together. Finally, they succeed. The result is that Mr. Sparkler gets made one of the Lords of the Circumlocution Office.

Charles Dickens