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Summary Chapter 46

Arthur goes to visit his mother, who seems to live in a dismal and secretive district.

A man runs into him. Arthur recognizes him as the same one who was talking to Miss Wade. Arthur follows but loses track of him. However, he sees the man looking up at the Clennam house, laughing to himself. He goes to knock at the door when Arthur comes up to him.

Mistress Affery is astonished to see the stranger, who wants to see Mr. Flintwinch. She claims he is not at home. Mr. Blandois asks for her to fetch him as soon as she presents him to Mrs. Clennam.

Arthur asks Affery who the man is. The gentleman overhears him. Mrs. Clennam calls down to allow them both to come up and tells Arthur he is to come to her immediately.

Arthur notices that Mrs. Clennam recognizes Blandois. Blandois tells her that Arthur has been rude to him, and Arthur admits that he’d kick him out if he had the authority to do it. Mrs. Clennam tells her son that the man is here on business. Blandois greets Flintwinch affectionately.

Mrs. Clennam dismisses Arthur. He notices that she looks more strained. He asks Affery what is going on. She claims she doesn’t know, but she is obviously frightened.

Charles Dickens