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Summary Chapter 28

Mr. Meagles continues to implore Tattycoram to return by letters. They are sent back. Mrs. Meagles goes to see her and is denied admission. They eventually learn that Miss Wade and Tattycoram have left the residence, and the landlady doesn’t have a forwarding address.

Mr. Meagles puts an advertisement in the paper, but this winds up attracting other young ladies and people offering bogus information for a sum of money. The family gets discouraged and believes Tattycoram is lost to them.

Arthur Clennam goes to visit the Meagles and sees Pet waiting for him. She gives him a rose, her hand shaking. His hand shakes as he accepts it.

Pet tells him they aren’t going abroad. She asks to take him into confidence. Arthur knows she is married to Mr. Gowan and gives his blessings. Any hope dies for him in getting married.

Minnie tells him that though she was well loved and loves her home, she is able to leave it without regret—and she feels bad about this. Arthur tells her it is a part of life to leave one’s parents’ home.

Pet worries about the void in her father’s life that she will leave behind. She asks Arthur to be sure to visit her father. She asks him to help persuade her father to accept her husband. Arthur knows this is an impossible task. However, he does not say so. She asks him to forgive her too. He kisses her cheek, and she says goodbye.

Mr. Meagles tells Arthur that he always felt as if Pet’s dead twin sister had grown up with her. He feels like he has lost both now.

Charles Dickens