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Summary Chapter 53

Mr. Dorrit is called upon by Mrs. Finching. He doesn’t recognize the name. He refuses to see her. The servant says she is an acquaintance of Amy’s. Mr. Dorrit allows her to come up, fearful that she may reveal something about their former existence.

Flora tells him she used to employ Little Dorrit. He is unaware of this, saying he never would have allowed her to work. Flora talks about how Amy fainted when Arthur revealed their change in fortunes.

Flora has come to question him about Mr. Blandois, who has disappeared and is wanted by the Clennams. Mr. Dorrit recognizes the man as an acquaintance of his.

Mr. Dorrit asks if Clennam & Company is connected to Arthur Clennam. Flora responds that the company belongs to Arthur’s mother and her partner. She asks him to keep a lookout for Blandois. He promises to do so.

Mr. Dorrit decides to pay a visit to the Clennam residence. He is shown up to Mrs. Clennam. He asks about how they are acquainted with Blandois. Mrs. Clennam tells him that the man had come to do some business, but it was never completed.

Mrs. Affery is frightened by sounds she hears. Mrs. Flintwinch yells at her, then shows Mr. Dorrit out.

Charles Dickens