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Summary Chapter 47

Amy writes Arthur Clennam and tells him she is in Rome now.

Though they left before the Gowans, they travled more slowly. The Gowans had arrived before they did. The Gowans’ lodgings are not as comfortable to what Pet is accustomed to. People have scribbled on the walls, and the windows are painted over.

Pet is alone a lot. Mr. Gowan’s portrait of Mr. Dorrit is unrecognizable. Mrs. Gowan has her meals brought to her from elsewhere, and the man who delivers them usually stays to talk with her.

Mr. Gowan is careless in his work. He rarely finishes what he starts. He hangs out with good company but does not like it. People talk about how Mrs. Gowan had her own agenda in marrying him, though nobody really thinks he is a good man to marry. He has a friend that neither Mrs. Gowan nor Little Dorrit likes.

Still, Mrs. Gowan loves him. Little Dorrit believes she always will. They now have a baby boy. The new parents are happy. Mr. Gowan tends to mock his in-laws.

Fanny is very kind to Little Dorrit. Fanny has an admirer that follows her around.

Little Dorrit finds all the old places to be depressing. She feels like a little child. She misses England. She is doing better with her language studies.

Charles Dickens