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Summary Chapter 58

Daniel Doyce has been hired by a barbaric power. He leaves the business in Clennam’s hands, fully confident in his abilities. He asks Arthur to abandon his invention, but Arthur refuses. He is confident he can get something from the Circumlocution Office. Doyce is equally certain it will only give him gray hairs.

Arthur is singing a song that Mr. Baptist recognizes. The last time he heard it, it was sung by Blandois—though he did not know him by that name. He recognizes the man’s picture in the pamphlet that Arthur shows him. Baptist tells Arthur he knows the man from Marseilles. Blandois was a prisoner there, in for murder.

Baptist tells the entire story of how he wound up in Marseilles for contraband trading. He met Blandois there. He was released but ran into him again. He fled from Blandois out of fear. He worries that the man will find him again. He has seen him in London. If he has disappeared, Baptist is glad.

Arthur, though, can know no peace until Blandois is found. He tells Baptist if he finds him, he will be rendering him a great service. Baptist says he doesn’t know where to find Blandois, but he’ll look.

Charles Dickens