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Summary Chapter 54

Mr. Dorrit remains out of sorts.

He bids adieu to Fanny, who has settled into her new life very well.

He is dumbfounded to see young John Chivery at the hotel. He allows him to come up. Young John is expecting a warm welcome, but instead Mr. Dorrit accuses him of insulting him by coming. The turnkey has a present of tobacco, but Mr. Dorrit claims he doesn’t smoke.

Mr. Dorrit demands to know why he is there. John says he only wanted to see how well Mr. Dorrit and Amy are. Mr. Dorrit calms down and says the memories of his old life are not happy ones. He asks John how everyone is. The turnkey replies they are well. He mentions that he now works at the Marshalsea, which is very busy.

Mr. Dorrit decides he does want the cigars. He gives John some money to help the collegians. He asks John to forgive him. The turnkey says he does, but he still looks horrified. Mr. Dorrit gives the cigars away to the courier.

He is glad when he leaves for France, distancing himself from John Chivery.

He buys a love gift and a nuptial gift for a special lady.

Charles Dickens