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Summary Chapter 65

Arthur feels his health declining. He is restless at night. He feels claustrophobic. He eventually calms down but contracts a fever. He wants no more visitors, fearing people will see him as weak.

When he wakes, he is startled to find a nosegay. Later, he sees Little Dorrit in his room. She is wearing her old dress. Maggy is with her. Amy reveals that she arrived in London yesterday. She heard from Mrs. Plornish where he was.

Amy cleans his room. She unpacks some food, then settles down to needlework.

She tells him that her brother is returning abroad, but she is staying here. Her brother hopes to make her rich again. She asks Arthur to let her help him, for she could never be happy while he is distressed. She wishes to repay him for his kindness. Arthur is grateful but refuses. H would have accepted her offer if he had offered his heart before. He does not wish to bring her down now. He asks her not to visit him often, for it will taint her.

Young John visits him later. He tells Arthur that he escorted Miss Dorrit to a hotel. She asked John to take care of Arthur and sent her love.

Charles Dickens