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Summary Chapter 69

Little Dorrit cares for Arthur inside the Marshalsea. Her family demands her attention as well. Fanny wants comforting after being linked to the Merdle’s disgrace. Tip also needs direction.

Mrs. Merdle and Fanny constantly quarrel. They only unite to attack Mr. Sparkler, who admires and is devoted to both. Mrs. General demands a testimonial for future employment.

Society considered cutting Mrs. Merdle at first, but graciously considered that she too had been deceived. Mrs. Merdle displays indignation at her husband’s crimes. She manages very well--being a wise woman of fashion and good breeding.

Mr. Sparkler still keeps his post at the Circumlocution Office and does well in performing his duties. He supports his mother and wife, who live on two different floors of a smelly house.. Amy worries about who will care for Fanny’s children.

Arthur is too ill to be her confidante, so Little Dorrit turns to Mr. Meagles. He is still abroad, but Amy corresponds with him. She tells him the basic story she learned form Mrs. Clennam. Mr. Meagles is determined to find the papers.

Henry is tired of his in-laws and tells them so. Mr. Meagles has already seen that it pains Pet to see them slighted by Henry and agrees. The Meagles are more generous in giving money to Pet, so it works out to Henry’s advantage.

Pet is able to supply her father with information about Blandois’ haunts. Mr. Meagles finds himself often the victim of accusations, for Blandois left behind many debts. He still remains optimistic that he can track down the documents.

Amy tells Mr. Meagles that Miss Wade knew Blandois, and he visits her. He asks her if Blandois left a box of papers with her. He tells her that Blandois stoled it , and they could harm innocents. She denies having them. He asks if Tattycoram is well, and she says yes.

The Meagles go to the Marshalsea when they return to London. They stay the night, which they find confining. They are surprised to see Tattycoram. She is carrying a box. She begs them to be taken back. The box contains Blandois’ papers.

Miss Wade had the documents. She would have destroyed them. The Meagles agree to take Tattycoram back. Tattycoram reveals that she always regretted leaving, but she was afraid of Miss Wade. The woman controlled her because she understood her. She manipulated her with that knowledge. Tattycoram used to believe people were prejudiced against her for being an orphan, and she was suspicious of their kindness. She thought they rubbed it in all the advantages they had over her. She left Pet, even though she knew Pet was unhappy. She worries Pet thinks badly of her and asks the Meagles to put in a kind word for her.

She has realized how damaging her faults are with a role model like Miss Wade. The woman twisted everything that was good into evil. She made Tattycoram miserable by breeding suspicion. Tattycoram is determined to be better from now on.

Little Dorrit enters. Mr. Meagles gives her the box. Amy is pleased, for she can now keep the secret from Arthur about how much she has lost. She plans to eventually tell him everything that pertains to him.

Mr. Meagles talks to Tattycoram about Amy. People respect her. She was born in and lived in the Marshalsea for many years. Had she had thought that people held that against her, she would have grown up to be a miserable and useless person. He believes Amy was motivated by duty.

Mr. Meagles plans to go abroad again to fetch Doyce. Mrs. Meagles and Tattycoram return to the cottage.

Little Dorrit reads to Arthur as he gets healthier. Mr. Doyce writes kind letters to him, and Mr. Rugg uses these letters to soften the opinions of other people.

Amy tells Arthur she has been there twice a day, even if she has not always been in the room. He tells her that though his imprisonment may be at an end, they will have to part ways. He doesn’t want to ruin her.

Amy tells him that Fanny has lost her inheritance and only has her husband’s income. Tip has lost his wealth as well. As for her, she is as poor as she was when she lived at the Marshalsea. Her father had entrusted everything to Mr. Merdle when he came to England. She asks if this changes things between them. Amy professes her love, saying she is unhappy without him. She cares nothing for riches or for being a lady.

Maggy is happy to see the couple together. She tells Flora and Mr. F’s aunt. Flora cries before she meets Little Dorrit and is a little depressed. She brings some kidney pies. She wants Arthur to know she didn’t forsake him. She has been responsible for sending food and drink.

Mr. F’s aunt wants to throw Arthur out the window and refuses to leave. She causes some embarrassment because the children believe that Flora sold her to the pie man as meat and is now not honoring the bargain. Mr. F’s aunt is finally forcibly removed.

Mr. Meagles visits Arthur. He tells him that Doyce is doing very well. Arthur is relieved. Mr. Doyce has been honored in other countries, though that can’t be known in England.

Doyce then enters. He tells Arthur not to dwell on the past. Everyone makes mistakes, and he’ll profit by learning from them. He is sorry that Arthur made himself sick over the business. He wishes Arthur to resume his old post. He is to leave the Marshalsea.

Arthur tells him that he and Little Dorrit wish to marry the next day. Doyce plans to be there. The Meagles plan not to attend, for it reminds them of Pet.

Amy has Arthur burn a paper of hers. They get married at the nearby church. Mr. Pancks is there. He becomes a clerk at Doyce and Clennam. Flora and Maggy attend, as well as both Chiverys.

Amy become s a mother to Fanny’s children as well as her own. She is a nurse to Tip. She and Arthur live a life of happiness and usefulness.

Charles Dickens