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Summary Chapter 59

Arthur starts another dreary day trying to distract himself from more pressing thoughts. He is upset in the confirmation of Blandois’ evil character. That his mother kept company with such a person disturbs him. Her unwillingness to share the matter with him makes him feel helpless. She has been unwilling to help him in discovering the secret his father held.

He plans to talk to Affery, hoping to get her to help him.

His plans seem to be in danger of being thwarted when he encounters Mr. Flintwinch first. Arthur sometimes wonders if Flintwinch didn’t kill Blandois. Mr. Flintwinch confirms they have no news of Blandois, but he fails to understand Arthur’s concern. Jeremiah advises to let sleeping and missing dogs lie. Missing dogs eventually turn up.

Mr. Casby and Flora are visiting Mrs. Clennam. Arthur asks if he can speak to his mother about a business matter.

Arthur tells her that Blandois has been in jail for murder. She looks horrified. However, she doesn’t feel Arthur’s source is reliable, though she doesn’t doubt that Blandois has been in jail. She doesn’t want Arthur to interfere. After all, he left the business. He tells his mother she shouldn’t repeat what he has told her. Mrs. Clennam doesn’t care to keep it a secret.

He finds it difficult to get Mistress Affery alone. She is watched by Mrs. Clennam and Jeremiah Flintwinch. She is afraid of them and of being alone in the house.

Arthur asks Flora to make a request to see the house. Mrs. Clennam agrees. Affery doesn’t want to do it, but Jeremiah persuades. her. He follows behind them.

Arthur finally drags Affery into a closet. She fears Jeremiah will overhear. She fears the house, which is full of secrets and noises. Affery is too frightened to help him, and she doesn’t trust Flora—who is a blabber. She does reveal that she thinks someone is hiding inside the house, and that Mrs. Clennam and Mr. Flintwinch doesn’t seek the person out purposely.

Charles Dickens