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Summary Chapter 67

Mrs. Clennam attracts attention as she goes down the streets. To the onlookers, she looks like a specter, pale and removed from the others. Mrs. Clennam is also overwhelmed, not used to walking and not used to being outside. When she goes to ask for directions, she finds herself being followed by a crowd. They tell her they follow her because she is a madwoman, and when she says she wants to find the Marshalsea, it confirms their suspicions. Young John overhears and tells her he’ll escort her there. She tells him she wants to see Miss Dorrit.

Amy Dorrit is surprised to see her. Mrs. Clennam asks about the packet left with her, saying she is there to reclaim it. Amy hands it back to her unopened, assuring Mrs. Clennam she is ignorant of the contents. Mrs. Clennam orders her to read them. Amy does so and is shocked by the contents. Mrs. Clennam tells Amy she’ll give her what she has withheld from her and asks for forgiveness. Amy forgives her.

Mrs. Clennam asks Amy to keep her secret until she is dead from Arthur, unless she thinks it will do him good to know. Amy says if she feels it won’t do him any good, then she won't reveal it. Mrs. Clennam observes that Amy must think it strange she would prefer her to know than Arthur. She says she knew Arthur never loved her. She had raised him harshly to try and rid him of the inherent sin he got from his mother. Yet, he always respected her, and she does not want to see him lose that while she lives. Mrs. Clennam feels she was justified, for Arthur’s mother had wronged her. Her husband had wronged her. He had never loved her. Amy encourages Mrs. Clennam to follow the more compassionate teachings of Jesus, rather than indulge in anger and vengeance.

Mrs. Clennam tells Amy that Blandois is demanding money to hide this information. She doesn’t have the funds. He has threatened to come to Amy and tell her the truth. She wants Amy to return with her to show that she already knows. Amy agrees.

Mrs. Clennam and Amy are approaching the Clennam house when it suddenly collapses. Mrs. Clennam faints. She never speaks or walks again, though she understands what is said to her. She dies a statue. Affery had been out when the house collapsed and did not perish.

Diggers go to work. They find Blandois’ body. They never find Flintwinch. It is supposed he took his securities and converted them to cash. They speculate he went abroad.

Charles Dickens