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Summary Chp. 9

They are back at the hotel now where Lenina swallows enough tablets of soma that she will lose time for at least eighteen hours. The next morning Bernard gets through to the World Controller's office and Mustapha Mond to arrange special permits for Linda and John. John the Savage, afraid that Bernard and Linda had left him, ends up breaking into their room and finding Lenina's luggage he meticulously examines all her clothing with great interest and awe. Curiosity and delight overwhelms him as he smells and applies her powder and winds her scarf around his neck. Finding Lenina's bedroom door ajar he enters to rapturously recite lines from Romeo and Juliet at her bedside over her soma induced deep sleeping self as he revels in her beauty. With a great start of surprise and relief he hears the sound of the helicopter returning Bernard back to the hotel.
Aldous Huxley