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Summary Chp. 5

Summary Ch. 5, Pt. 1

At eight o' clock, after their game of Obstacle Golf at the Stoke Poges Club, Lenina and Henry fly in the helicopter again over the landscape of forests, factories and the landmark Slough Crematorium which produces fertiliser. Lenina thinks it queer that Alphas and Betas don't produce any more phosphorous than "those nasty little Gammas and Deltas.." She suddenly remembers the haunting whisperings she heard in her sleep and they both agree people are happier now. They land on Henry's forty-two story apartment house in Westminster. After dinner they take their soma and proceed to the Westminster Abbey Cabaret and dance to the Synthetic Music of Calvin Stopes and His Sixteen Sexophonists. A second dose of soma "raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds."

Summary Ch. 5, Pt. 2
Bernard is late for his alternate Thursday's Solidarity Service Day. He's irritated by his error in sitting next to Morgana Rothschild and the too-pneumatic Clara Deterding where he wishes he was next to either Fifi or Joanna, who were absolutely `just right’. The President, making the sign of the T, recites the First Solidarity Hymn. They take strawberry ice cream soma and pass around and drink from the loving cup, repeating "I drink to my annihilation" twelve times. A voice chants Ford Ford Ford and the men and women become ecstatic as they sing hymns. They continue to pass the soma and sense the Coming, the Twelve-in-One, the Greater Being and their atonement and consummation of solidarity. Bernard’s' melting isn't going far enough; he tries to keep up with the group and their exultant cries of "orgy-porgy". Finally the Voice croons as the circle breaks and they fall to surrounding couches, exhausted, though disaffected Bernard is merely preoccupied with Morgana's monobrow.

Aldous Huxley