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Summary Chp. 3

Summary Ch. 3

The setting changes now to outside the Hatchery to the garden in the June sunshine. Children are playing games, like Centrifugal Bumble-puppy, and less innocent ones, `erotic play', in the bushes and Mediterranean heather. The observing students find it most amusing that one boy doesn't wish to engage in it and a nurse takes him off to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. One of the ten Controllers, the Resident Controller of Western Europe, "his Fordship", Mustapha Mond makes an appearance to the delight of the Director. He talks with the students about history being `bunk' and the banning of the Bible and the British Museum Massacre. Suffering and sadness are not to be tolerated from such things in the brave new world as well as the concept of "family". He condemns liberty. Henry Ford's Model T automobile represents the start of this new era after the Nine Years War. He lectures about the importance of individual, emotional and social stability and how Christianity caused instability. "All crosses had their tops cut and became T's". The "euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant" drug Soma is used to create emotional stability. Bernard Marx is introduced as he slowly becomes outraged overhearing Henry Foster telling the Assistant Predestinator about Lenina. Interspersed with the Controllers lecture and Bernard overhearing Henry, Fanny is speaking with Lenina, starting with the issue of taking a Pregnancy Substitute, because she is "feeling rather out of sorts lately", which she ideally would have taken two years before. "Feelies" are a way to satisfy one's sexual urges without getting pregnant. Lenina, wearing her Malthusian belt, speaks of "having" Henry Foster for only four months, only to have Fanny warn her of the Director disapproving of "anything intense or long-drawn".

Aldous Huxley