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Summary Chp. 4

Summary Ch. 4, Pt.1

The workday is finished and with all eyes on her, Lenina steps into a room full of Alpha males. She wishes George Edzel's ears weren't so big, and remembers Benito Hoover being too hairy. Bernard Marx is moping in a corner and with the intent to prove to others she's unfaithful to Henry, walks over to Bernard and loudly announces that she wants to make plans with him to go to New Mexico. They leave the room and go up to the roof in the elevator together. Bernard is tremulously dazzled by Lenina and the deep blue sky. The ever-cheery, sex hormone gum chewing Benito Hoover is introduced, offering Bernard a gram of soma, whereupon Bernard scurries away. Lenina is a few minutes late as she climbs into Henry's helicopter airplane on their way to a game of Obstacle Golf. Central London and surroundings is described from overhead as they travel in the current mode of transport.

Summary Ch. 4, Pt. 2

Bernard orders some Delta-minus attendants to get his helicopter ready as he rues his physical defects and insecurities. Bernard is on his way to meet anther Alpha plus friend, Helmholtz Watson at the Bureaux of Propaganda and College of Emotional Engineering buildings. He too is an outcast due to his physical strength and mental excess. They fly to Bernard's house discussing a mutual sense that something is missing in their lives. Sitting on pneumatic sofas, Helmholtz again describes a "queer feeling" he gets sometimes, as if he's onto something important but he doesn't know what it is. Although nobody ends up being there, Bernard interrupts him by suspiciously thinking there is someone at his door. Helmholtz feels a little ashamed and sorry for him.

Aldous Huxley