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Summary Chp. 8

Bernard and John are outside of the house now, Bernard still amazed at their living conditions compared to his, like two different planets. John describes his childhood and upbringing. He tells of the difficulties for his mother to adjust to living with the savages, her addiction to pescal and her sleeping with other's husbands. She was most happy relating stories about the Other Place to him and teaching him to read. John also tells Bernard of the pueblo stories he was told as a child. He remembers how he had found a book belonging to Popé, his mother's lover, a book of Shakespeare, and how he felt threatened by him almost killed him with a knife. Mitsima, Indian elder is like a father to John though he was repeatedly rejected by the others. Bernard, readily identifying with this fellow outcast asks him if he would like to go back to London with them.
Aldous Huxley