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Summary Chp. 12

Bernard is trying to summon the Savage who curses him in Zuñi and refuses to come out of his room to entertain, among others, the Arch-Community Songster. Bernard is ultimately humiliated as his guests leave and lose the little respect they had for him. Mustapha Mond is reviewing a paper, "A New Theory of Biology", which he is actually impressed with but notes it is dangerous and censors it, “Not to be published”. Bernhard turns to Helmholtz, apologising and in need of his unconditional friendship and sympathy again. They both spend a lot of time with John, Helmholtz and John embarking on intellectual discussion and sharing of poetry much to Bernhard's growing jealousy, which he takes increasing amounts of soma in hopes of quelling. John the Savage continues to adhere to his Indian and Christian traditional mores when discussion of Romeo and Juliet comes up.
Aldous Huxley