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Summary Chp. 6

Summary Ch. 6, Pt. 1

Lenina is thinking about how odd Bernard Marx is, though she truly wants to go to the Reservation in New Mexico with him. They meet up and Bernard asks her to go on a walk with him in the Lake District but they end up flying to Amsterdam instead to watch wrestling. Bernard refuses to take soma wishing to just be himself, "Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly". He tells her he wishes he weren't so useful, wants to talk about freedom at great length while hovering over the waves of the Channel, making her uncomfortable.

Summary Ch. 6, Pt. 2
Bernard visits the Director to get his signature on a permit for him to travel to New Mexico. The Director proceeds to tell him about his own trip to New Mexico many years before, he "wanted to have a look at the savages." He gives Bernard the threat of Iceland if he doesn't start to conform more socially, which has the opposite effect of challenging and elating Bernard.

Summary Ch. 6, Pt. 3
The journey to the Savage Reservation in New Mexico starts on the Blue Pacific Rocket. They spend the first night in a comfortable hotel, where the Warden warns Lenina of the sights she will see: marriage; the revolting practice of children being born; superstitions and Christianity; "pumas, porcupines and other ferocious animals." though in her soma haze it doesn't sink in. Bernard rushes to call Helmholtz to ask him to turn off his eau-de-Cologne tap in his bathroom that he left running. Lenina persuades him to take four tablets of soma. Their plane lands for lunch in the valley of Malpais. The pilot's parting words to Lenina are reassuring her to not worry about the savages; "They've got enough experience with gas bombs to know that they mustn't play any tricks."

Aldous Huxley