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Summary Chp. 15

John is in a daze of grief as he makes his way through the crowd of identical faces of Delta Park Lane workers awaiting their six o' clock dose of soma. John can't stand their servitude, and it reminds him that "Linda had been a slave, Linda had died; others should live in freedom, and the world be made beautiful." He realises he needs to free these people of the poisonous soma and tries to change their minds from taking it, creating confusion and a riot. The soma distributor gets away to make a phone call. Bernard is summoned by Helmholtz to go at once to the Hospital. The police arrive with their soma vapour machines and water pistols with anaesthetic while John is shouting “Free, free!" From the Synthetic Music Box the Voice of Reason is heard in an Anti-Riot Speech Number Two (Medium Strength). At anaesthetic water gun point, John, Bernard and Helmholtsz are taken away in a police car.
Aldous Huxley