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Summary Chp. 13

At the Embryo Store, Henry Foster asks Lenina to go to a Feely with him but she's not interested. He's concerned about her weariness and suggests she get a Pregnancy Substitute or a Violent Passionate Surrogate treatment. Frustrated and distracted by him she forgets where she left off in giving sleeping sickness injections to embryos. Encouraged by Fanny and soma, she later boldly confronts John at his doorstep. He confesses his desire to show his worthiness to her by bringing her something like a lion skin, which they do in Malpais, but this ends up irritating Lenina. She snaps at him that there are Epsilon Semi-Morons to do such labour intensive things. Desperately telling her he loves her he brings up marriage to her horror. Finally, after much discussion she exasperatedly throws her arms around his neck, kissing him. John is reciting Shakespeare as she undresses, down to her zippicamiknicks, Arch-Community-Songster’s golden T at her throat, reciting poetry to him too. Suddenly the chivalrous John catches her by the wrists, calls her a whore with madness in his eyes, scaring her. He demands that she leave and she locks herself in his bathroom. He hands her her belt through the door which she's terrified to open fully. The phone rings, news that his mother is seriously ill and all in a rush he's gone to Three Park Lane to see her. Only after extensive checking does Lenina venture from the bathroom and scurry out to the elevator and away from the furious savage’s room.
Aldous Huxley