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Summary Chp. 14

John is off to Park Lane Hospital for the Dying, Ward 81 for Galloping Senility and Linda's encroaching death. The nurse is embarrassed by his use of the word "mother", but takes him to see her. John is overcome by guilt and bitter remorse as he remembers how she sang to him, told him stories and taught him how to read, as he sits beside her and she watches T.V. Numerous sets of Bokanovskivfied twins and other children at the hospital for their Death Conditioning ogle the dying forty-four year old curiously. John reacts to them violently, attracting the Head Nurse, who, not understanding his distressed state of mind, warns him sternly not to interfere with their conditioning or she will call the porters. Linda uneasily awakens among the ruckus, mistaking John for Popé, and saying "Oh, I do so like it, I do...” bringing back awful memories for John. Her last words "Everyone belongs to every...” The éclair eating twins demanding to know if she'd finally died and John in disgust pushes one aside as he leaves the building.
Aldous Huxley