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Summary Chp. 2

Summary Ch. 2

The second chapter begins with the Director and students entering the Infant Nurseries and Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms. It continues to explain the conditioning process for babies, for example Epsilons are made to detest books and any other non-work related frivolous pursuit with electrical shocks. Key words and phrases are used to entrench a love for their own caste members while instilling revulsion for other castes. The babies are dressed in like outfits of drab colours such as all Alphas in grey, all Delta babies in khaki. Beta children are taught that they don't play with or associate with Deltas and Epsilons because they're less intelligent. The Director proudly explains hypnopaedia, words without reason which was "first used officially in A.F.214" and is "the greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time." The group witnesses boys and girls in an Elementary Class Consciousness session. They are repeatedly exposed to subliminal State suggestions through sleep hypnosis, such as "I'm awfully glad I'm a Beta because.." The process was discovered when Reuben Rabinovitch's parents woke up one morning discovering him repeating word for word a lecture that had been broadcast on the radio as they slept. Polish, it's mentioned to the students, as well as French and German, are dead languages. The first reference is made of Ford as God, to be worshipped. Smut is mentioned and what is considered smut in the World Society.

Aldous Huxley