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Summary Chapter 38


Mr. Nadgett passes by Tom’s residence. He has been following Jonas Chuzzlewit’s every move. Jonas has been installed as a director of the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Loand and Life Assurance Company. Mr. Nadgett writes many notes and burns them. Though Jonas sometimes sees Mr. Nadgett, he doesn’t realize the man is following him.

Mr. Nadgett avoids suspicion by acting like a person who is uneasy because he believes he is being watched. People dismiss him easily as a result. He becomes acquainted with Mr. Mould and Mr. Tacker while supposedly waiting for an appointment at The Bull, for which he constantly seems to be stood up. At the company he is employed at, Nadgett explains his absence to his colleagues by saying he is suffering from liver trouble.

Mr. Nadgett goes to Mr. Montague’s house. He hands Montague a report, not liking to give oral reports in fear of being overheard. Montague reads the report, becoming more grave and alarmed. Nadgett tells him that getting this information cost dearly, but Montague assures him he will be rewarded.

Mr. Jonas Chuzzlewit arrives. Montague tells Nadgett to stay. Jonas tells Montague he is not satisfied with how things are. Though he is making plenty of money, Jonas doesn’t feel like he has enough power within the company. Montague agrees that Jonas should venture more. Jonas pales when Mr. Montague whispers to him, but agrees. Montague wants Jonas to lure in Mr. Pecksniff.

Jonas feels trapped in his situation suddenly and thinks about escaping. He doesn’t pay any attention to Mr. Nadgett following behind him.

Charles Dickens