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Summary Chapter 44


Pecksniff asks after Mercy when Jonas arrives. Jonas says she is well enough. His father-in-law then asks about Charity, to which Jonas replies she is well though acidic in personality. He tells Pecksniff she has a beau. Her father is aware of this and mourns the loss of his remaining daughter, but he is happy that he has provided well for them.

Jonas tells him that he has brought an important friend for a visit—someone who only mixes with the best of people. He asks Pecksniff to dine with them at the Blue Dragon. The man is president of the company that Jonas works for and is very rich. He then asks Pecksniff who his heir is, offering him a chance to become very rich. Pecksniff claims that Jonas is his heir. He believes Jonas doesn’t want anything from him because he is so rude to him. He figures Jonas would be polite otherwise.

Pecksniff presents his most amiable personality to Mr. Montague. Though Mr. Montague does look familiar to him, he doesn’t recognize him as Chevy Slyme’s friend. Pecksniff agrees to become the last partner and proprietor of the Assurance Company. While he is at the Dragon, Pecksniff asks Mrs. Lupin if Mark and Martin have left. She confirms this.

Montague is going to stay overnight, having an appointment with Pecksniff the next day. He tells Jonas he can leave if he wishes to. Jonas signs some papers, thinking that the ink looks bloody. He tells Montague he has business to attend to and leaves.

Charles Dickens