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Summary Chapter 25


Mr. Mould is enjoying the comfort of his home, surrounded by his loving family. They have a happy home, despite being surrounded by the implements of Mr. Mould’s trade. Tacker comes in and says Mrs. Gamp wants to see him. He tells Tacker to send her up.

Mrs. Gamp rambles on about marriage and death. She refers to a conversation she had with Mrs. Harris. Many people believe Mrs. Harris is someone Mrs. Gamp has made up, for nobody knows who she is or knows where she lives. Mr. Mould inquires about Mr. Chuffey, who Mrs. Gamp is taking care of while Mr. Jonas is away. Mrs. Gamp says he is the same.

Mrs. Gamp finally comes to the point of her visit. She says she has a job offer as a nightwatcher. Mould advises her to not tell Mr. Jonas about it. However, she can get Mr. Chuffey to go to bed before she leaves for the job. When she leaves, Mr. Mould comments that she is a shrewd woman, to which his wife agrees.

Mrs. Gamp goes off to her new assignment. She comes across the landlord, landlady, the head chambermaid, and John Westlock having a discussion about her charge. The landlord summoned Westlock after finding his letter on the patient. Westlock says he was a schoolmate of the patient, but he has only seen him twice since leaving the establishment. The patient is worse. He brought little luggage to the inn. Westlock says that the fever has to run its course. He’ll pay for the patient’s care when the money runs out.

Mrs. Prig, who referred the job to Mrs. Gamp, is the day nurse. Mrs. Gamp and Mrs. Prig are friends, being in the same vocation. Mrs. Prig gives details about the patient’s care she has done. She also tells Mrs. Gamp what food she should order and that the chair is uncomfortable. Mrs. Prig leaves. Mrs. Gamp reflects what a nice looking corpse the patient would make. The patient wakes her up in the middle of the night with his delirious talk. Mrs. Gamp is frightened when she realizes he knows Jonas Chuzzlewit.

In the morning, John Westlock visits—but isn’t allowed in the sick room because the illness is contagious. Mrs. Prig comes to relieve Mrs. Gamp. The doctor examines the patient and tells them to continue administering his original orders.

Charles Dickens