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Summary Chapter 47


Jonas rides coaches to his destination. He dreams about a mob accusing him of bringing about Judgment Day. He has the carriage let him off just short of the city. He waits by the road side. He sees Pecksniff and Montague riding together. Pecksniff drops Montague off, directing him to follow the road into London. Montague’s scheme to ensnare Pecksniff has worked.

Jonas ambushes Montague and kills him. He leaves the body in the woods and goes towards London. He is frightened but not sorry for what he has done. He stops at the alehouse for a beer. He is jittery. He worries about being caught, but he is not remorseful. He hated Montague and did it to free himself. He fears people will realize he is not sleeping in his room at home. He worries that the body will be found.

When he reaches London, he hurries back to his home. He fears he will see Montague’s ghost. He takes off his clothing and ties it in a bundle, planning to throw it in the river later. He tries to sleep, but he is conscious of every sound. He asks his wife if somebody knocked at the door. She says no. She claims Mr. Nadgett came by earlier. She told him Jonas was sleeping. Nadgett said it wasn’t important. She later did see Mr. Nadgett passing by the house, but he hasn’t come back.

Jonas worries that Nadgett may have seen him enter the house. He avoids seeing his wife and the servants as long as he can. When he finally comes around them, they are all very quiet. He is distracted, and he is always listening.

Charles Dickens