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Summary Chapter 45


Tom and Ruth both think about the incident on the wharf while tending to their duties.

Ruth meets Tom after work near a fountain. One day Ruth misses Tom and sees Mr. Westlock. She runs away, but he goes after her. She is very shy when Westlock suggests that they wait for Tom together. She sees Tom, and Westlock runs up to him. Ruth follows, blushing.

Westlock invites them to dinner at his place. Tom shares the incident on the wharf with Westlock. Tom plans to ask their landlord about the letter, though he doesn’t expect the man to enlighten him. He also plans to visit Mercy and explain how he got mixed up in that business.

Westlock finds the incident interesting. He tells Tom he should explain to Jonas. He thinks some bad business is going on and advises Tom to disentangle himself from it. He plans to make some inquiries.

They have dinner at Westlock’s. Tom plays the piano while Ruth sings. Westlock walks them home afterwards, despite Tom’s protests. When he returns home, he sketches a picture of Ruth.

Charles Dickens