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Character Summary


THE ELDER MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT: a bitter gentleman who thinks money is the root of all evil

MR. SETH PECKSNIFF: an architect who is admired for his virtue that runs a school that teaches gentlemen his trade, cousin to elder Martin Chuzzlewit

MERCY PECKSNIFF: the girlish and gushing younger daughter of Mr. Pecksniff (sometimes called Merry)

CHARITY PECKSNIFF: the sensible elder daughter of Mr. Pecksniff (sometimes called Cherry)

JOHN WESTLOCK: a handsome man who used to be a student of Mr. Pecksniff until he offended him

TOM PINCH: a student, confidante, and assistant of Mr. Pecksniff who worships him

MRS. LUPIN: landlady of the Blue Dragon, a widow who is still in her bloom

MARY GRAHAM: an orphan that elder Martin Chuzzlewit takes in and gives a salary to be his companion

THE YOUNGER MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT: grandson of elder Martin Chuzzlewit who is out to make his fortune

MONTAGUE TIGG: a friend of Chevy’s; later president of the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Life Assurance Company

ANTHONY CHUZZLEWIT: brother of elder Martin Chuzzlewit who is very cunning

JONAS CHUZZLEWIT: Anthony’s son, who is like his father

MARK TAPELY: a young man who works at the Dragon that enjoys doing things that make him uncomfortable so that he can have merit in being happy despite them

RUTH PINCH: Mr. Pinch’s sister, a governess

MADAME TODGERS: owner of a boarding house the Pecksniffs stay at when he is in London

BENJAMIN (BAILEY): boot boy for Madame Todgers who is given many names

MR. JINKINS: the oldest lodger at Madame Todgers and longest of boarders, a bookkeeper

MR. AUGUSTUS MODDLE: the youngest gentleman lodger at Todgers who often feels misunderstood and abused by Jinkins

MR. CHUFFEY: elderly man that is a clerk to Anthony Chuzzlewit who is extremely devoted to him

MRS. SAIRAH (SAIREY) GAMP: a mid-wife, nurse, and a watcher of the dead

MRS. HARRIS: Mrs. Gamp's friend that she always refers to, but who most people believe doesn't actually exist

DOCTOR JOHN JOBLING: a popular physician who took care of Anthony Chuzzlewit and is employed by Tigg.

MR. NADGETT: a secretive man that is hired by Tigg to make inquiries about people



THE MATCHMAKER: A Spanish lady who married a Chuzzlewit in Spain whose son becomes involved in The Gunpowder Plot.

CHUZZLEWIT FAWKES: Chuzzlewit involved in The Gunpowder Plot

DIGGORY CHUZZLEWIT: ancestor that constantly dined with Duke Humphrey, and gave away many of his possessions to a man he claimed was his uncle

TOBY CHUZZLEWIT: Chuzzlewit whose paternal lineage is considered mean and low, though unknown, and who doesn’t clarify the matter on his deathbed.

CHEVY SLYME, ESQUIRE: a member of the Chuzzlewit family that Pecksniff is sorry to know

MR. SPOTTLETOE: a bald man with big whiskers, hot-tempered; married into the Chuzzlewit family

MRS. SPOTTLETOE: Elder Martin Chuzzlewit’s niece, who had been a favorite.

MRS. NED: widow of elder Martin Chuzzlewit’s brother, a disagreeable woman whose outlived three husbands

THREE DAUGHTERS OF MRS. NED: all spinsters and very masculine looking


FEMALE COUSIN: a very deaf Chuzzlewit who has a constant toothache, but has no problem participating in quarrels—even if she doesn’t know what they are about

GEORGE CHUZZLEWIT: corpulent bachelor cousin of Martin Chuzzlewit

TOLLMAN: a man who collects tolls on the road to Salisbury

TOLLMAN’S WIFE: friendly to Mr. Pinch

ORGANIST’S ASSISTANT: a friend of Tom Pinch’s who lets him play the organ at the church

MR. TODGERS: Mrs. Todgers husband, who left her to live in another country

CAMBERWELL PORTER: servant that works for the family that employs Ruth Pinch

CAMBERWELL FOOTMAN: servant that works for the family that employs Ruth Pinch

SOPHIA: Thirteen year old that is one of Ruth Pinch's charges

PUPIL’S MOTHER: woman who employs Ruth Pinch as governess

PROPRIETOR: the pupil’s father

GANDER: a witty gentleman who lodges at Madame Todgers boarding house

SPORTING GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

THEATRICAL GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

DEBATOR: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

LITERARY GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

VOCAL GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

SMOKER GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

CONVIVAL GENTLEMAN: a lodger at Todgers boarding house

BILL SIMMONS: a coach driver that takes Martin to London in exchange for his silk handkerchief

DAVID: a pawnbroker young Martin sells his belongings to who is friendly with Tigg

WOMAN WITH THREE CHILDREN: a woman Mark Tapely takes under his protection on the voyage to America

COLONEL DIVER: sallow gentleman who is the editor of The New York Rowdy Journal.

CAPTAIN OF THE SCREW: Captain of the ship who is generous with champagne with editors of papers to get a good review.

JEFFERSON BRICK: war correspondent of The New York Rowdy Journal, who looks much younger than he is

MAJOR PAWKINS: owner of a boarding house in America

MRS. PAWKINS: wife of Major Pawkins who runs the business side of the boarding house

MRS. JEFFERSON BRICK: the wife of Jefferson Brick who looks as much of a child as he does, even after giving birth to two children.

PROFESSOR MULLIT: a short gentleman with a red nose who severs ties with his father for having the wrong political opinion

MR. BEVAN: a lodger at Pawkins who is ignored by the other gentlemen

CICERO: a gray-haired black man that Mark Tapely hires, a former slave

MR. NORRIS: an Irish man that is a friend of Mr. Bevan

MISS NORRIS THE YOUNGER: Eighteen year old pretty girl

MISS NORRIS THE ELDER: Twenty year old pretty girl

MRS. NORRIS: a woman that looks older than she is

GRANDMOTHER NORRIS: a sharp-eyed, quick old lady

MR. NORRIS JUNIOR: Son of Mr. Norris and brother to the girls

GENERAL FLADDOCK: a friend of the Norris family that wears a cumbersome uniform.

MR. MOULD: the undertaker

MR. GAMP: Mrs. Gamp’s deceased husband, whom she hadn’t mourned for

MR. TACKER: Mr. Mould’s assistant and chief mourner

GENTLEMEN OF WATERTOAST SYMPATHISERS: gentlemen who belong to association General Choke is involved with

LA FAYETTE KETTLE: a gentleman that eavesdrops on Martin and Mark on the train, secretary of Watertoast Sympathizers

GENERAL CYRUS CHOKE: man Martin is referred to by Mr. Bevan


CAPTAIN KEDGICK: Martin’s landlord in America before he goes to Eden

MRS. HOMINY’S TWO ESCORTS: the two men who escort Mrs. Hominy to Martin and ask for him to entertain her

MRS. HOMINY: wife of a major who is a writer and very opinionated and talkative

MAJOR HOMINY: Mrs. Hominy’s husband, who is one of the wealthiest men in the area

MISS HOMINY: the Hominys married daughter

EDENER: the man who first greets Mark and Martin in Eden

MRS. MOULD: The undertaker’s plump wife

MOULD DAUGHTERS: The undertaker’s plump, cherubic daughters.

MRS. GAMP’S SON: little boy who suffered deprivation due to his alcoholic father

LANDLORD: Man who runs The Bull, an inn sick man is at

LANDLADY: Bull landlord’s wife

HEAD CHAMBERMAID: works at inn where sick man is at

MRS. BETSY PRIG: Mrs. Gamp’s friend who often refers work to her

PAUL (POLL) SWEEDLEPIPE: a barber and householder

DAVID CRIMPLE: the secretary of the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Loan and Life Assurance Company

MR. BULLAMY: porter at the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Loan and Life Assurance

MR. WOLF: literary person who writes in a weekly paper, a friend of Tigg’s

MR. PIP: a theatrical man who is a friend of Tigg’s

MR. LEWSOME: the sick patient at The Bull, friend of Westlock's

JANE: serving maid of Pecksniff

HANNIBAL CHOLLOP: a wandering patriot who imposes on Mark and Martin

ELIJAH PROGRAM: a popular politician

TALL GENTLEMAN: introduces Martin to Elijah Program

OSCAR BUFFMAN: a shrill boy

DOCTOR GINERY DUNKLE: welcomes Elijah Program and invites him to speak at a meeting

MISS TOPPIT: literary lady with a big wig

MISS CODGER: literary lady who is the oldest inhabitant

JACK: a man that works at the Dragon who normally grins expectantly at people for tips

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