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Summary Chapter 42


Jonas and Montague are traveling by carriage on a hot, stormy night. Jonas doesn’t like how watchful passerbyers on the road seem to be.

Montague is uneasy with Jonas’ temperament. At one point he thinks he sees Jonas with a bottle coming towards him with the intent of bashing him on the head. He cries out, but finds that while Jonas does have a bottle, he is merely uncorking it. Jonas tells Montague that he awoke from a dream. Montague isn’t certain. He regrets coming on the trip. It isn’t a good night to travel. Jonas points out it was Montague’s idea to go at this time.

Montague worries about Bailey, who is probably drenched to the core. He wants to bring him inside the coach. Jonas objects. Montague tells Bailey and the driver not to go too fast and to be careful. They nearly drove into a ditch.

Montague becomes increasingly alarmed by Jonas’ gaiety. He tries to reason that Jonas is simply asserting his independence in his submissive state. However, he still doesn’t trust Jonas and decides to get rid of him after he is done using him.

The horses, terrified of the storm, drive the carriage into a ditch. Jonas jumps out. He sees Montague lying unconscious on the road. Jonas grabs the horses and have them stomp near Montague’s head. The driver sees him and stops him. He pulls Montague out of the way and admonishes Jonas for getting the horses so close to an injured man. The driver cuts the horses from the carriage.

Montague regains consciousness and hears what the driver has said to Jonas. Jonas tells the driver to shut up. Montague inquires about Bailey. They find the boy badly injured and unconscious. The driver takes Bailey onto a horse. Montague and Jonas walk behind them. Jonas suggests that the driver go ahead. Though he worries that Bailey will die, Montague wants them to stay together. They find help at the inn. The doctor gives a bleak prognosis for Bailey. Montague is upset, being fond of the boy.

Montague checks his quarters and locks the door. There is another door to his room that is locked. He has nightmares about an enemy being behind that door. He awakes to find Jonas standing over his bed. Jonas says he thought the other door lead to the passage, but it connects his room to Montague’s room. Montague, fearing his life is in danger, is determined to travel home alone.

Charles Dickens