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Summary Chapter 32


Mrs. Todgers greets Charity warmly. Charity tells her that Pecksniff plans to remarry. Mrs. Todgers is bitter, for she also realizes his motivations for the marriage.

Todgers tells Charity she has seen Mercy once since her marriage, and she looked poorly. She thought Charity would be Mrs. Jonas Chuzzlewit. She tells Mercy that the youngest gentleman took the news of Mercy’s marriage very badly. His bottled up frustration at Mr. Jinkins combined with the upsetting news caused him to attack the man. However, he has become docile and pathetic. He takes Mrs. Todgers to plays.
Mrs. Todgers also says that Bailey has left. He has been replaced by an inept, flatulent old woman named Mrs. Tamaroo.

The youngest gentleman’s name is Mr. Moddle. He is convinced his destiny has come to a close, and he was meant to lose his true love (Mercy). Charity avoids him at first, which causes him distress. He likes being around Charity because she reminds him of her sister. Yet, it also reminds him of what he has lost. Mrs. Todgers tells Charity this. Charity laughs but is kinder to him.

Mr. Moddle starts courting Charity soon after. Charity doesn’t object to it. He had been devoted to Mercy. He is young, has prospects, and makes a good salary. He Is the opposite of Jonas in every way and is easy to manage. Todgers is certain he is due to propose, but he is timid and needs to work up the courage.

Charity prompts him by admitting she has feelings for him. However, either they take the next step or put a stop to their relationship, for people are starting to talk. Mr. Moddle proposes.

Charles Dickens