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Summary Chapter 27


Tigg employs Bailey, Jr. as a driver. Bailey often wrestles with the fiery horses that pull the carriage. He stops at Tigg’s house. Tigg takes the reins and starts off, causing Bailey to chase after them. He manages to jump on.

With Tigg is a man named David Crimple. Tigg is describing the man’s duties as secretary. Tigg is the chairman of the company he founded.

Mr. Montague Tigg is now known as Tigg Montague. He has risen in status with opportunities. However, his dealings are just as shady—just more elaborate. The company that he has recently established is called the Anglo-Bengalee Disinterested Loan and Life Assurance Company. The company has lavishly decorated offices and a porter. It gives the impression that the company is legit and thriving. It promises profits to investors without the risk of losing anything.

The porter helps usher Tigg to the Boardroom when he arrives at the office. Tigg sends him to fetch the medical officer.

The medical officer is the doctor who took care of both Anthony Chuzzlewit and Mrs. Gamp’s recent patient. His name is Dr. Jobling. He suggests lunch, saying that neglecting that meal puts one in danger of becoming a weakling. The porter brings lunch and the group dines.

Jobling is a popular doctor because he has a good bedside manner. He is employed as medical officer by Tigg for the Anglo-Bengalee company, but he always tells his patients that he doesn’t know much about the business outside of his realm. He examines people to see if they are fit to qualify for insurance policies. However, he describes how wealthy and affluent Mr. Tigg is, which impresses his patients. Since they trust him, they trust that the company is legit. Many customers are indirectly referred by Jobling.

Jobling introduces Mr. Jonas Chuzzlewit. Jobling tells Jonas that Tigg is the chairman of the company. Jonas is impressed by the extravagant office. Jobling leaves to check on patients. Crimple also leaves to take care of other business.

Jonas distrusts the honesty of the establishment. Tigg admits the fraudulent nature of the business, which gains Jonas’ trust. Jonas explains that he has recently gotten married and would like to insure his wife’s life. He doesn’t want her to know about it.

Tigg asks if Jonas recognizes him, and hints that they have met before through Pecksniff. Jonas is displeased to realize that he is Chevy Slyme’s friend. Tigg admits he had been seedy, but points out how far he has come—he has his own business, his own driver, and a luxuriously decorated office.

Tigg asks Jonas to join them. He tells Jonas it is a profitable business. Tigg invites him to dine with him, and Jonas accepts. Tigg hands him some papers to look over about potential clients. Many people who buy insurance policies are insuring other people’s lives. Usually the victims meet an unfortunate end soon after. Then Tigg blackmails the insurer. Jonas leaves.

Tigg sends for Mr. Nadgett, a very secretive man. However, Tigg employs him to make inquiries about people. These inquiries are usually to put pressure on people to pay blackmail demands. Tigg sends Nadgett to find out what he can about Jonas Chuzzlewit.

Charles Dickens