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Summary Chapter 53


John Westlock and Ruth walk to the fountain where she waits for Tom after work, even though it is in the opposite direction of her house. They talk about Tom and all the events that have transpired with Mr. Chuzzlewit. When they reach her house, Westlock professes his love for her. Ruth cries in happiness.

Westlock hopes Tom will be pleased. Ruth says she can’t leave Tom. John says he wouldn’t ask her to. What is a home without Tom?

Ruth tells John how Tom loves Mary. John is sorry for Tom. They think about how to make him happy. They plan to build him a library of select books and to give him an organ.

Tom and Mr. Chuzzlewit arrive. Ruth tells Tom about her engagement. Tom is so pleased he can’t speak. Mr. Chuzzlewit is also happy for them. He suspected this would happen and had tried to detain Tom as long as possible to give them time. He gives Ruth a necklace, earrings, bracelets, and a zone for her waist. Mary has a twin set.

They go to the Temple to have dinner. Mark, Martin, Mr. Fips, and Mary are there.

Later, Tom is reading at home when John comes to him. John worries Tom is sitting by himself because he is melancholy. Tom assures him he isn’t sad. He tells him he is happy about their engagement. John says they three must be a family.

Charles Dickens