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Summary Chapter 50


Westlock advises Tom not to tell his sister the story Lewsome just told just yet. They don’t want to trouble her. However, Ruth senses that Tom’s mind is burdened and is unhappy.

Young Martin comes to their house. Both notice he is not his usual self. He accuses Tom of deserting him. Martin says that while he was inconsiderate, he loved Tom like a brother. Tom tells him he has been faithful and begs him not to wrong him this way. He asks Martin to explain himself.

Martin appeals to Ruth. He tells her he thought highly of Tom, had regard for their friendship, and trusted him. He thought of him often during his difficulties in America. Martin accuses Tom of embracing him, asking him to confide in him, and professing loyalty—and yet all the time he belonged to other people.

Tom says Martin is still not explaining how he wronged him. Martin says they will not part as enemies, but he is upset for who Tom works for. He leaves.

Tom is upset. However, he believes it will be set right. He thinks Martin has been mislead.

Ruth reveals that she knows that Tom is in love with Mary. Tom says it can never be. She is betrothed to Martin. He considers himself very fortunate in life, even though this one thing did not turn out they way he would have liked. It doesn’t make him less blessed. He is confident that Mary will set things right with Martin, for she won’t believe that Tom has betrayed them. He is amazed that Ruth found out his secret. He had been so careful to conceal it. Tom decides to keep his problem with Martin to himself. Westlock would be furious, and that would make reconciliation more difficult.

Elder Martin Chuzzlewit visits Tom at work, revealing that he is his employer. He tells Tom he has endured Pecksniff’s fawning and treating him like a fool. He has put up with Pecksniff using him and harassing Mary. He has been waiting for the time when his plans would come to fruition. He orders Tom to close the door. Pecksniff is coming.  

Charles Dickens