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Summary Chapter 29


Bailey visits Poll Sweedlepipe, asking about how Mrs. Gamp is. Poll says she is well and at home. Bailey comments that Mrs. Gamp has the remains of a fine woman, though she is too fat.

Bailey decides to have a shave and a haircut. Poll doesn’t think he needs one but complies. Mrs. Gamp enters to say hello, and Bailey flatters her with compliments. She discusses her cases. There is a Mrs. Gill, who consulted her about another possible pregnancy. Her other patient, the sick man at the inn, is being transferred to the country. He isn’t much better, and the fever is affecting his body and mind.

Bailey tells Mrs. Gamp that he was at Jonas Chuzzlewit’s place last night, dropping him off after he had too much to drink when he dined with Bailey’s employer. Bailey is careful what he says, having been warned by Mr. Crimple not to talk about their clients. Bailey only says Mercy had been waiting up for Jonas, and they seem to have a pleasant married life. Mrs. Gamp, however, has misgivings about the marriage.

Bailey and Poll accompany Mrs. Gamp to The Bull, the inn where her patient is at. Her patient is objecting to being bathed by Mrs. Prigg and having his hair combed by Mrs. Gamp. They put his clothes and boots on wrong. John Westlock appears, asking the patient how he is and amused by his appearance. Westlock tells him the country air will do him some good.

Mr. Lewsome, the patient, wants to tell John something, but not now. Westlock assumes this concern is an imagined one, which is supported by the nurses. They take Lewsome down to the coach. Mrs. Gamp says goodbye to her friends. Just as she is about to leave, she runs into Mr. and Mrs. Mould. Mr. Mould comments that Mr. Lewsome looks like he will soon be a client of his.

Nadgett is also at The Bull, waiting for someone.

Charles Dickens